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Toxic Boss
What is a toxic boss? You may not be able to define a toxic boss, but you sure know one when you see one. is a site that can help you cope with workplace toxicity. Share your stories, and read what's happening in workplaces all over the world.

Stan Partin
Looking for a realtor in the Triangle? Stan Partin would be happy to serve you! His website features highlights such as a Neighborhood Newsletter and Carolina Tid-Bits, which includes recipes for Barbecue and Sweet Tea.

Animated Communications
Animated Communications is the maker of the award winning 3d Choreographer software that allows a novice user to create animated graphics for presentations, web sites and other media. You haven't seen fun until you've been to this web site.

Long Term Care Education is the largest online resource center for long term care administrators. This organization offers excellence in the training and continuing education of long term care administrators across the United States.

The Marshall Group
The Marshall Group, Inc. (TMG) is a strategic change management consulting firm based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. TMG has led more than 100 change processes involving more than 750 management teams in all types of companies-from Fortune100 businesses to 15 member entrepreneurial ventures. They specialize in service sector, manufacturing, and information technology firms.

308 West
Networking Enterprises provides Internet connection services for Rosemary Park West residents at speeds 40 times faster than standard dial ups. All bedrooms are equipped with RJ-45 network connections to a T-1 line. No more modems, no more counting minutes!

An international organization anchored in the belief that each woman has the right to control her own sexuality, fertility, health and well-being.

Bill Edwards
Bill has extensive experience in working with luxury homes, and through his association with RE/MAX Preferred can help you find the home of your dreams!

Governors Club
The Elegant Homes Division of Howard Perry & Walston presents listings in the exclusive community of Governors Club.

Cremation Specialists
This Raleigh-based firm offers economical funeral services and extensive information about the funeral industry to North and South Carolina, as well as an index of cremation specialists around the country.

A non-profit organization created to promote the use of software technology in medical education through establishing links to valuable information on the Internet.

Medeor Interactive
Medeor Interactive Inc. produces the Nutrition in Medicine series that is now used by 105 of the 130 US medical schools to teach nutrition science to their medical students.

GeeRoy Productions
A REALTOR support services company owned by two of the top REALTORS, speakers, educators, and marketing specialists in the business. GeeRoy provides information and materials to agents and the general public.

Judith Stanton's Cat Crossing
The author of Wild Indigo and His Stolen Bride, 18th century historical romance novels, invites readers to her farm, Cat Crossing.

Anne Kern Carpenter
One of Howard Perry & Walston's most prominent agents, Anne will give you the personal attention and care you need when buying or selling a home in the Durham North Carolina vicinity.

Alexor Software
A company founded by physicians and programmers trained in medicine, medical informatics, education & curriculum development and interface design. Alexor is dedicated to medical education through software.

Donna Bardua
As great a golfer as she is a REALTOR, Donna can make your experience of buying or selling a home in the Raleigh area an enjoyable one.

Susan Sommer
Buying a home in the Chapel Hill area? Susan knows the ins and outs of the area and can guide you every step of the way.


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